Technical details:

Output impedance < 0,1 ohm

Maximum output current 300 mA.

Maximum output voltage JAZZ 3.7 V

Maximum output voltage JAZZ-FF 15 V @ 200 Hz

Discrete volume control. Typical stepsize 1.4 dB, 31 steps.

Gain switch. Maximum gain factors +0 / +16 dB

Crossfeed filter switch:
..........1. Stereo / crossfeed OFF
..........2. Crossfeed ON

1 pair of analog inputs

Input impedance 18 kOhm

Gold-plated input jacks.

Silver plated headphone jack (Neutrik).

Silver plated heavy duty switches

10 Watts toroidal transformer.

110V and 220V mains power switchable.

Power uptake 5 Watts

Built-in groundloop breaker.

Double regulated voltage lines.

Low impedance electrolytic buffer capacitors (Nichicon). Total Buffer capacity 39.000 uF.

Bypass capacitors in the power supply.

Polystyrol and polypropylen capacitors in the signal path.

Metalfilm resistors in the signal path.

OPA209 opamps biased into class-A.

A total of 4 BURR-BROWN BUF634 buffer amplifiers at the left, the right, and the ground output channel.

Active balanced headphone ground.

Signal paths and signal path components at the bottom side of the PCB for maximal shielding.

Sturdy anodized aluminium enclosure

Weight: 1.0 kg

Size: 22.2 x 10.6 x 6.0 cm
This amplifier may use a relatively simple (but sturdy) enclosure but at the inside it offers many technological ingredients not found in any other headphone amplifier in this price-range.

The JAZZ-FF not only uses the concept of active balanced ground but also has a discrete volume control (32 positions, two gain settings).

Tis volume control is technically very sophisticated. The position of the potentiometer is measured with the use of an AD-converter. The output of this converter is then used to set the proper volume level with a number of electronic switches. There are a total of 32 levels which allows for sufficient small stepsizes and a very analog feeling. The advantages are strongly reduced channel-imbalances and a much cleaner and more detailed sound.

Of course this amp also has our proprietary crossfeed filter incorporated which helps to strongly reduce listening fatigue.

The application of the FF-technique results in an extremely high level of micro-detail without any harshness. Sound is smooth and silky and this amp is especially recommended for acustical music (classic, jazz, ...)
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