Sure, you don't need a headphone amplifier to listen to your headphones. Just plug them in the headphone socket of your CD-player or integrated amplifier and you will be able to enjoy your music. Unfortunately though the headphone outputs on most of these devices are merely low priority afterthoughts and are made using the cheapest components. They sound accordingly.
And even the sound quality of portable players, specifically designed to drive headphones, is far from optimal as driving capacities are strongly restricted by the low supply voltage of the batteries, built-in limiters, and by coupling capacitors at the headphone output that prevent offset voltages but also the low frequencies from reaching your headphones.
Therefore, if you like to hear your phones in their full glory then it's almost inevitable that you buy a decent headphone amplifier.

The CORDA amplifiers found in the list below are designed to provide a maximum of sound quality for as little as money as possible. The enclosures are very sturdy build. No gimmicks that would increase price but don't add anything to the sound. However, no money was saved on the electronic components. Inside only parts of the highest quality are found. CORDA amplifiers and DACs have a detailed, clean sound and high driving capacities and some also have a proprietary crossfeed filter that makes headphone listening more relaxed and natural. In my opinion they simply represent excellent value for the money and you will have a very hard job to find better sounding amplifiers for the same money, if any at all. Just send me a mail if you're interested.

A recently developed circuit topology using frequency- adaptive feedback results in a clear increase of sound quality. The music comes with more ease and a more natural flow. Micro-detail is hightened. Especially acoustic instruments and voices do benefit.
Instead of producing an entire new product range with this new ff-technique it was decided to hand-modify existing models. It allows me to keep prices for this new technique as low as possible. Modified versions are available of the JAZZ, the CLASSIC, and the DACCORD. Customers who already do own a standard version of these devices can have their amplifier or DAC upgraded. Please contact me for details.

Note: All prices include world-wide shipping. Unfortunately customers who live inside the EU (European Union) have to pay V(alue) A(dded) T(axes). Therefore their prices are higher then those for customers living outside the EU. Please understand.

Jan Meier
This amplifier may use a relatively simple enclosure but at the inside it offers many technological ingredients not found in any other headphone amplifier in this price-range.
The JAZZ uses the concept of active balanced headphone ground and has a discrete volume control. As a result there are no audible channel-imbalances and sound is clean, detailed, and powerfull.
This amp also has our proprietary crossfeed filter incorporated which helps to strongly reduce listening fatigue.
outside EU: €295,- / USD 350,-
inside EU: €345,-
technical details
This amp lives up to its name. Despite it's small size it delivers great and powerfull sound. The basic concept is relatively simple but very high quality parts are used, resulting in a detailed sound with fine pace and rhythm.

Because of its qualities this amp has been choosen member of the InnerFidelity's "Wall of Fame":
!! All prices include world-wide shipping !!
outside EU: €195,- / USD 230,-
inside EU: €220,-
technical details
The QUICKSTEP is simply one of the very best portable amplifiers on the market and uses the concept of active balanced ground and a discrete volume control.
In addition it has an extensive RF-filter of the input-signal which makes it immune to RF-pollution caused by mobile headphones.
It also has heavy-duty 3.5 mm sockets which strongly reduces contact-problems and increases reliability.
outside EU: €215,- / USD 255,-
inside EU: €250,-
outside EU: €295,- / USD 350,-
inside EU: €345,-
The PCSTEP is a portable amplifier that, in addition to its analog input, also has a built-in USB-DAC (16bit/48kHz). When connected to the USB-port of your PC it will strongly improve on the sound that is provided by a standard quality soundcard.
The amp has a discrete volume control (32 positions, two gain settings), resulting in a clean sound without any channel imbalances.
technical details
technical details
outside EU: €555,- / USD 655,-
inside EU: €645,-
The DACCORD does not have a fancy enclosure but in reality it is a state-of-the-art Digital-to-Analog converter with integrated crossfeed and volume controlled outputs.
Inside two top-of-the-line Wolfson D/A converter chips in dual-mono mode, a large battery of audiophile capacitors, ultra-fast opamps in class-A, high-precision oscillators (TCXO), and many other very high-quality components are found that are exemplary for this price-class.
Two coxial, one optical, as well as an USB-input (24bit/192kHz!) allow for easy connection of any digital source, including your computer. A variable output allows to directly drive a poweramplifier or a pair of active loudspeakers.
The built-in crossfeed filter is a frequency-extended version of the natural crossfeed found in previous CORDA amplifiers and provides even better imaging. It also offers three intensity levels (Stereo, medium, high).
technical details
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Head-Fi reviews
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outside EU: €365,- / USD 430,-
inside EU: €425,-
A newly developed circuit topology using frequency- adaptive feedback results in a clear increase of sound quality. The music comes with more natural flow and more ease. Detail is increased.
The JAZZ-FF is a fine choice for people who normally prefer tubes but like the reliability and energy-efficiency of solid-state.
€100,- / USD 120,-

These prices include return-shipping from Meier-Audio to the customer.
Shipping to Meier-Audio is to be organized and paid by the customer.
outside EU: €660,- / USD 780,-
inside EU: €770,-
Admittedly, with the DACCORD the sonic advantages of the ff-technique are not as pronounced as they are with the amplifiers. This new technique can not be applied to the amplification inside the DAC-chip (which is simply not "accessible") and therefore only part of the total circuitry does benefit. Nonetheless, the improvements are audible and for some may well be very substantial.
€150,- / USD 180,-

These prices include return-shipping from Meier-Audio to the customer.
Shipping to Meier-Audio is to be organized and paid by the customer.
Place an order of more than EUR 500,- / USD 600,- and get a 4% price reduction.

Place an order of more than EUR 1000,- / USD 1200,- and get a 6% price reduction.

Place an order of more than EUR 2000,- / USD 2400,- and get an 8% price reduction.
outside EU: €225,- / USD 265,-
inside EU: €255,-
For a long time it was thought that, due to its amplification concept, the ROCK amplifier could not be modified with the FF-technique. But then one sleepness night ......

And the sonic results have been very rewarding. The modification improves detail and makes the slightly warm sound of the amp more neutral.
€50,- / USD 60,-

These prices include return-shipping from Meier-Audio to the customer.
Shipping to Meier-Audio is to be organized and paid by the customer.
The SOUL is the newest addition to our line of amplifiers.

Whereas other models aim to offer the best quality for the money, this new amp/DAC/DSP simply is the best-I-can-make DAC/headamp combo without any limitations towards costs.
outside EU: €3450,- / USD 4070,-
inside EU: €4095,-
technical details
EAR IN 3/19
Upgrading your ROCK to a ROCK-FF
Upgrading your JAZZ to a JAZZ-FF
Updraging your DACCORD to a DACCORD-FF
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HD820 + SOUL

Please note that our stock of headphones is limited. Who comes first .........

Our regular policy on price reductions does not apply to these SANTA deals. Sorry!
outside EU
€ 510,- / $ 590,-
€ 710,- / $ 815,-
€ 850,- / $ 980,-
€ 640,- / $ 735,-
€ 840,- / $ 960,-
€ 850,- / $ 980,-
€ 1090,- / $ 1250,-
€ 1430,- / $ 1640,-
€ 4120,- / $ 4740,-
€ 350,- / $ 400,-
€ 550,- / $ 625,-
€ 690,- / $ 790,-
€ 350,- / $ 400,-
€ 550,- / $ 625,-
€ 690,- / $ 790,-
€ 630,- / $ 725,-
€ 825,- / $ 950,-
€ 970,- / $ 1110,-
€ 1130,- / $ 1300,-
€ 1470,- / $ 1690,-
€ 4160,- / $ 4780,-
€ 1590,- / $ 1830,-
€ 1930,- / $ 2220,-
€ 4540,- / $ 5220,-
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€ 600,- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
€ 830,-
€ 1000,-
€ 750,-
€ 980,-
€ 1150,-
€ 1300,-
€ 1700,-
€ 4900,-
€ 410,-
€ 640,-
€ 800,-
€ 410,-
€ 640,-
€ 800,-
€ 750,-
€ 980,-
€ 1150,-
€ 1350,-
€ 1750,-
€ 4950,-
€ 1900,-
€ 2300,-
€ 5400,-